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Greetings from the State Referee Committee! August brings the excitement of a new season, and the promise of (hopefully sooner than later) the return of cool weather.(I know, I said this in last August's newsletter, but I'm really, really hoping it happens).

 Please read this edition of the STSR newsletter carefully, as it contains some very important information on recertification and registration.

It is time for those referees registered for 2014 (with the exception of those who become new members this fall) to prepare for 2015 Registration. The following information is broken down by grade:

Grades 8/9: you may recertify by completing one of the 2015 recertification clinics. There are three options for Grade 8, one for Grade 9. Start looking for the on-line options to be posted in your STSR account the first week in September.

                Option 1: fully on-line recertification. These are titled "Referee Online Grade 9 Recert" or "Referee Online Grade 8 Recert". The ONLY option for Grade 9 recertification is the fully                                               on-line.

                Option 2: hybrid (partial on-line, partial in class) recertification. This is titled "Referee Hybrid Grade 7/8/Emeritus Recertification".  In addition to the on-line material, there is a                                            required 2 hour in class presentation.

                Option 3: fully in class recertification. This is titled "Referee 5 hour recert Grade 8".  

Grade 7: this year it is especially important you understand the options. Those currently (2014) registered as Grade 7s may continue to keep the Grade 7 status by attending one of the Grade 7 recertification options. The 2015 Grade 7 represents an individual who has been instructed at some time in the management of the higher level and adult games. It does not indicate any additional evaluation or measurement of the individual. However, if the current Grade 7 ALSO wants to be involved in the state Referee Development program, thereby being considered by assignors for higher level games and for consideration in youth and adult state cup tournaments as well as for selection to the state Referee Academy program, the individual must meet the requirements of the physical test and the maintenance assessment and be listed as Grade 7+. Participation in the Referee Development program is voluntary; current Grade 7s who wish to do so and have the designation of Grade 7+ in the membership lists will need to complete their assessment and PT this fall (as has previously been the case). There is NO additional fee to be listed as 7+; and since the first (and for Grade 7s, the potentially only) assessment is free for 2015 as are the PTs, there are no additional costs. Those who meet the Grade 7 clinic requirements and are also completing the assessment/PT DO NOT have to notify us; the system tracks individual Grade 7s and once those two additional requirements are completed the individual history is updated to 7+. Again, look for on-line options to be available after the first of September. Additionally, look for the physical tests (PTs) to be posted later in the fall (waiting on cooler weather). As always, you can check the 2015 requirements as well as preview the new Intervals PT at 

                                 Option 1: hybrid (preferred model) recertification. See above title

                                 Option 2: fully on-line recertification. Titled "Referee Grade 7/Emeritus online recert".


State/National Emeritus referees:  you may attend any one of the above options listed. Remember, unless you also do the PT and assessments, you are not eligible for upper division/state cup assignments.

State Referees: state clinic has already been completed


For those interested in upgrading from 9 to 8, or 8 to 7: each district will offer at various times the options for upgrading.  These may appear as "Upgrade 9 to 8", "Upgrade 9 to 8 Hybrid", "Grade 8 to 7 Upgrade", or "Hybrid Grade 8 to 7 Upgrade" depending on the on-line/classroom configuration. Contact your District Director of Instruction (see, click contacts) if you are interested in seeing these clinics in your district. 

Lapsed Referees: STSR's new policy with those having lapsed their registration by 1-3 years will provide two options: (1) For the payment of both the current and next year registration fees, referees may begin officiating as soon as their registration is approved.  They do not have to wait to officiate until January 1st, as in previous policy.  The referee will be registered with US Soccer for the current and next year, and will be on both the current (through Dec 31) and next year (beginning Jan 1) approved Referee list. They will wear the next year badge.

 (2) If the referee does not want to start with fall games, but will wait until Jan 1 for the next year badge cycle to begin, they may defer registration until November 1. They will not take a recert clinic until after November 1, will pay only the next year registration fee,and will be only on the next year approved list. They will, after January 1, wear the next year badge. They CANNOT officiate until Jan 1.

So in essence, to be able to work games from July 1 to October 31, as a lapsed 1-3 year referee, they must pay a Next Year registration fee and Late Current Year registration fee along with the one clinic fee. Those who don't want to pay for the current year won't be able to register or attend a clinic until on or after Nov 1.

                Those grade 8 or higher lapsed 4 years may take either the Upgrade 9 to 8 Bridge course or the Grade 8 Entry course. They are registered for 2014 (if clinic is completed prior to October 31) and 2015 upon completion and eligible to work immediately.

                Those  grade 8 or higher lapsed 5 years or more must take the Grade 8 entry level. They will be registered for both 2014 (if completed prior to October 31) and 2015 and may begin working immediately.

If you have any registration questions please contact the State Administrator at

If you have questions regarding local clinics, please contact your District Director of Instruction (see website contacts).

If you have questions regarding assessment policy, please contact either your District Director of Assessment (see website contacts), or the State Director of Assessment (

We'll include our usual Congratulations section in the next newsletter. 

South Texas Soccer Referee News
Greetings from the State Referee Committee! The season winds down, the cooler days are ahead, and we give thanks for the blessings we have.
2014 Recertification VERY IMPORTANT: previously we announced the options, including on-line options, for recertifying Grade 9, 8 and 7 referees. If you have specific questions regarding your registration you may contact the State Administrator
Please keep in mind that badges are now mailed to the referee by US Soccer. Badges are mailed 6-8 weeks after you complete your recertification requirements, so bear this in mind if you wish to have a 2014 badge to start the spring season. You should complete your recertification requirements as soon as possible.
A reminder that if you intend to upgrade instead of recertifying at current grade, select the category Upgrade when signing up for your 2014 registration. The sooner you do this, the more time local STSR officials have to work with you to assist you in the upgrade process. The above statement s about badges also applies to upgrading referees. Also, if you are working to upgrade for 2014 but will not be complete by December 31, be sure to contact the SRA as soon as possible. This way your initial registration can be completed at your current grade (as long as you've met the recertification requirements), so that you have a current badge at the start of the spring season.    
New Referees Needed:
As of November 1, we are behind in new referee registration. If you know of anyone (teammate, friend, family) who would like to become a referee for the spring 2014 games, please tell them about our website, There they can find information regarding the entry level clinics and entry referee grade levels. Speaking of registration and clinics..
State Committee Action
At the October State Referee Committee meeting in El Paso, the SRC acted on a number of items that will impact entry level clinics and registration in the future. The committee directed the Instructional Program to develop an agenda for both the Grade 9 and Grade 8 entry clinics that will utilize on-line modules and to reduce the required in class time for each. These agendas will be presented to the SRC at their meeting in January.
Another important item at the October meeting was the development of the 2015 registration requirements. These proposed requirements are now available for review at the website. We encourage all referees to take some time to review these proposed changes, and to provide your state committee members with your feedback. The list of SRC members can be found under the "contacts" list at the website.
State Cup Assignor for Adult Cup
We're pleased to announce that Shelly McDavid will continue as the assignor for the TSSAS State Cup games. For those intending to work the TSSAS Cup games, please make a note in your calendar of these dates:  Men's Premier and Div 1, Feb 8-9 Houston; Women's O30, Feb 22-23, San Antonio;  Co-Ed Open and O30, March 21-23, San Antonio;  Women's Div 1-3, April 5-6, San Antonio; Men's O30 and Div 2, April 12-13, Site TBD; Men's O40, May 17-18, San Antonio.  Remember, state level referees are expected to service a variety of games throughout the year,  both youth and adult.

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