It is each of our responsibility to be sure we fulfill our parental volunteer obligation. Please note the following Section 8 of the BYSC bylaws:

Section 8: Parent Volunteers

BYSC will require a parent of each recreational and competitive player to provide BYSC with three (3) hours of volunteer time per household, or pay a designated fee at the time of registration. Should a parent fail to fulfill this volunteer responsibility, BYSC shall have the right to refuse to accept their child's registration to play soccer for the following season.

Remember to sign in when you work your position

The person in charge will be reporting who attends and who does not attend.

Work Assignments:

  • Concessions
  • Field Maintenance
  • Kick-Off Tournament
  • Eastern District Playoffs
  • BIG Tournament
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer board member please contact president@bysc.net

P.O. Box 5699
Beaumont, Texas 77726

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